Little Ladies Circle

I am writing to you today with great excitement. The Ladies’ Uplift Circle is pleased to announce that a program has been developed by our sisters for the purpose of creating a program to teach our girls some of the domestic arts and the value of service, while fostering in them an interest in the Ladies’ Circle.

We all know that what children learn in their formative years are skills and loves that carryover to their adult lives. We are reminded of this in Proverbs Chapter 22, verse 6 where we read, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” How true we find this to be even in our own lives. I can still play a mean game of jacks, if indeed there were anyone else who still knows how to play!

I recall daily the little words of wisdom my mother and the mothers of my friends shared with me in my childhood. Think about it yourself, how often do you reflect on the lessons of your childhood?

With that in mind, imagine how valuable a program that teaches the Church’s girls some of the needed domestic skills such as making your own pizza crust or how to set a table and doing all of that in a relaxed setting. Lessons will be taught by the sisters of our branches and missions, rotating teachers based on skills. This is a fantastic way for our girls to get to know the older sisters (anyone over 21 them) in a very personal way.

In Alma chapter 40 verse 12, he writes “and now the Spirit of the Lord doth say unto me: command thy children to do good…”. Alma said much more in that verse, but it struck me that he instructed his people to command the children to do good. The Lord obviously feels that teaching people to serve in their youth is also important.

It is our prayer that each local will receive this program with joy and be encouraged to get all the sisters of the branch involved. [Shortly, the guidelines will be available on line and from your Area Ladies’ Circle President. Start thinking now how you might be involved and what you could teach these precious resources of the Gospel.]


Sis. Karen P., General Ladies’ Uplift Circle President

Update: The Guidelines are available here.